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Guest Bloggers Welcome

ATTN Food Bloggers
~ Would you like to submit a post?
~ Guest Bloggers Welcome!

(If you are not a food blogger but are still seeking a guest posting opportunity, scroll down to the end of this post for more information.)

I'm not a chef (or even a good cook), don't have a lot of great recipes of my own … but I love to eat! Love to share recipes, cooking tips, etc. Love to show other foodies and food lovers like me where to find plain old good food!

Do you have a food blog or publish recipes or want to write about food but need a place to publish your content?

I am extending you an opportunity to Submit a Guest Post at this blog.

You can link back to your blog or website or wherever.  You post can contain 2 embedded links (it can be your affiliate links) and one main link to redirect traffic to where you want readers to find out more about you.  Last but not least, please make sure you have the right to use any images you submit.  I'm sure I don't need to say that the content should be your own.

Does this sound reasonable? 
Then let's work together! 

Does it not sound reasonable?
OK!  Let's talk.  I'm flexible. :)

Please!  and Thank you.

Subject: Guest Post Submission for EES

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More Guest Posts Opportunities?

If you don't want to blog about food or food-related matters but are still interested in submitting a guest post, this invitation extends to my home business blog ~ My Blog Stop!

This blog is not niche-specific and presents articles and info on a wide range of topics.  Contact info is the same as for this blog.  Thank you in advance for your submissions!


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