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When You Say 'Eat Healthy', I Think 'Eat Salad'

People (especially me) always associate healthy eating with eating salad.  My mother rarely served a salads with our meals.  It was a meat, a starch, and a vegetable.  She never served us a salad (like lettuce and tomatoes) nor did we get dessert.  We didn't complain.  I got used to not eating salad.  

Then I became an adult and went to university and found out that salad was "expected".  Except for this one guy that I knew.  He kept saying salad was "rabbit food" and wouldn't eat it.  Not me.  When I went to the cafeteria I could eat as much salad as I wanted.  And I did!  Do you know why?  Because it was "healthy" and I could eat a lot of it!  It was one the few foods that I could eat a healthy amount of and I didn't gain weight.  

So whenever I packed on a few extra pounds because I was wolfing down too many pizzas with my friends late at night, the next 2 weeks I went on a diet and ate salads for lunch and for dinner.  The pounds came off easily.  That was THEN (1970s).  This is NOW (2021).  The pounds don't come off so easily now, but I still enjoy eating salads.  I also enjoy collecting salad recipes and sharing them.  Hope you like these!

Image Credit: Acacia Wood Salad Bowl with Servers Set - Large 9.4 inches Solid Hardwood Salad Wooden Bowl with Spoon for Fruits ,Salads and Decoration by AVAMI ( )

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Ever have Tabouli salad?  “Tabouli is a traditional Levitan recipe, which is the common name for the area of Eastern Mediterranean sea. … Tabouli is derived from the word, “Tabil” which means spice. Its also translated as “Dip” ...”

Tabouli Recipe with Amaranth Grain | Healing Tomato Recipes

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"This classic salad pairs well with a variety of Japanese or Asian mains. Best of all, it is packed with nutrients, making it an all-star side dish. There is plenty of variations to enjoy this recipe too! ..."  

Chrysanthemum Greens and Tofu Salad (Shungiku Shiraae) 春菊の白和え • Just One Cookbook

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Do you like Indian food? I watch a lot of cooking shows and videos. One thing I noticed about Indian cooking is that they really know how to blend herbs and spices and do amazing things to enhance the flavor of vegetables. Whether the veggies are cooked or eaten raw in a salad, they are so tasty. 

Methi Sprouts Salad Recipe - Delicious Diabetic Snack by Archana's Kitchen

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Anybody who says that salad is just  an refuses to eat  is missing out. 

Kale Sprouts and Apricot Dressing | Sproutpeople

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Final share.  I know some people don't like kale. They complain that it's too tough and chewy for a green leafy vegetable. So, just in case you don't like eating kale, here are some “kale substitutes”.  Use them instead of sale and enjoy your salad anyway!

The Best Simple Kale Substitutes | Stonesoup

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