Monday, January 3, 2022

A Large Order of Jupiter Fries, Please!

Have been reading about the possibility of growing vegetables on other planets? Saw a preview of that movie which starred Matt Damon, “The Martian” (2015), where he was growing stuff in a place where nothing grows. I dismissed the notion because it was a science fiction movie. I mean … it's “fiction”. Not science.  :)

However, there are some scientists who are serious about pursuing this endeavor. Researchers want to and have been experimenting with plants growing in soil similar to kind of dirt one would find on Mars or Jupiter, for example.

As a non-scientist, I would not completely write off farming on Mars or Jupiter as an impossibility.  But I will say the scientists were very smart in choosing the potato as the test crop.  As my late non-scientist sister with a green thumb once told me: "If you can't grow a potato, you can't grow anything."  :)
According to a 2012 BBC News report, food futurologists are looking into the kind of food we may be eating in 20 years.  But they are only researching food available here on earth like insects, algae, lab-grown meat, and sonic-enhanced food (???).
Who knows? Fries from Jupiter might be quite tasty. :) But I bet they'll be expensive.  :)

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