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Monday, August 10, 2020

Gifts for Tea Lovers : Do you Like Pretty Teapots?

Do you often find yourself reflecting back on many fond childhood memories? Many children, especially little girls, can probably remember having a tea party. My big sister had a blue and white tea set and she enjoyed pretending we were having a tea party. I wasn’t allowed to play with the toy dishes by myself since they were breakable. So when I wasn’t playing with my sister, my other memory is of playing with clay. What was an easy thing to make with clay? A teapot with teacups and saucers (which my sister taught me how to make). My clay creations did not look as pretty as her teapot, cups, and saucers. But creating those clay teapots encouraged my appreciation for pretty teapots.

Yixing is an area in China referred to as the Pottery Capital of China. The name (義兴) translated into English means “righteousness and prosperity”. The Yixing clay teapots date back to 1500 (or possibly 1300). A Chinese potter is to be credited for this invention; however, historical records do not provide a name. Originally made for individual use, they were molded from a single sheet of purple clay. Rather than use a separate drinking vessel, i.e. a cup, people often drank directly from the teapot. At first, the design was simple but later evolved into artistic creations. That was the beginning. In the late 1600s to early 1700s, teapots were exported to Europe. Eventually, the Europeans began to make their own. The earliest example of fine British tea-ware “may have been Josiah Wedgwood’s improved cream-coloured earthenware, which was introduced in the 1760s”. (Quote Source)

* More reading on the history and design of the teapot.

Nowadays teapots are commonplace and can be found in most homes all around the world. In fact, I think that the perfect gift for anyone is a lovely teapot or a tea set.

What about you? Do you fancy pretty teaware?

Toys and Games:  Tea Sets for Children

Exquisite 5 PCS Blue-And-White Peony Design Ceramic Tea Pot Tea Cups Set In Beautiful Color Gift Box by THY COLLECTIBLES

Dollhouse miniature Food,Tiny Food Collectibles ( Heart Coffee Tea Cup Set ) Enjoy Afternoon Tea on Valentine’s day

Disney Beauty & The Beast Live Action Enchanted Tea Set Playset

Kidzlane Play Tea Set, 15+ Durable Plastic Pieces, Safe and BPA Free for Childrens Tea Party and Fun

Tea Sets ~ Collectibles and Unique Gifts

Contemporary Art Decor Porcelain 5 PCS Tea Set Teapot Teacup Plum Blossom

Atlantic Collectibles Chinese Calligraphy Red Glazed Porcelain 27oz Tea Pot With Cups Set Serves 4 Beautifully Packaged in Gift Box

StealStreet SS-CG-10181 Red Cherries Overflowing in Wooden Barrel Teapot Collectible

Stained Glass Teapot Accent Lamp Tiffany Style Tea Pot Kettle

Tea for One?  It doesn’t always have to be tea for two.

Bits and Pieces – Tea For One Peacock Porcelain Teapot and Cup Set – Elegant Peacock Design With Delicate Tassel on Teapot Handle Makes Great Decoration – Includes Decorative Gift Box

Tea Bloom:  Teabloom Reintroduces 

the Art of Brewing the Perfect Cup.

Teapots Made in England

So many lovely gift ideas; from vintage to modern.

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