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Friday, September 20, 2019

Foodie Friday: Awesome Food Bloggers in the Bloggy Moms Network

Spotlight on food bloggers who are members of the Bloggy Moms Network

I have been a member of this network since 2015 and receive regular eMails which advertise:

  • events and meetings where blogger moms and mompreneurs get together, and 
  • paid blogging opportunities.

The BM Network is also a great place to find recipes, cooking tips, meal ideas, and all kinds of food-related information. Below are excellent blog posts. Since the holiday season is here (I start celebrating in September ☺), the first share is about preparing a wonderful and healthy “healthier” Christmas feast. Some of the links were found at the Bloggy Moms site and others at blogs found listed in the blog directory at the BM site. Enjoy!!

6 Recipes For A Healthier Christmas Feast
(Don't worry. The meal is not just salad. But I love that picture! Don't you? If that's a part of the meal, wonder what the rest is going to be!)

6 Recipes For A Healthier Christmas Feast - Bloggy Moms

By Judy Pistolese How do you make your annual Christmas feast? My colleagues at Inner West Orthodontics are convinced that Christmas might just be the unhealthiest time of the year but with minor alterations, you can definitely prepare a delicious and healthy Christmas feast for the whole family!

* * *

How to Cook for a Week without Even Thinking About It

How to Cook for a Week without Even Thinking About It - Bloggy Moms

Here are a few things that give me a serious case of the sads: daily grocery store trips, half-empty boxes of pasta in my freezer, beautiful veggies aging before my eyes. I'm always trying to cut back on waste, especially as the holiday season picks up and time and funds become more limited.

* * *

Colorful Bow Tie Pork – Delicious!

* * *

Soup for Thanksgiving!

Soup for Thanksgiving! - Adriana's Best Recipes

This post is also available in: EspaƱol Thanksgiving is almost here and this time of the year calls for old-time favorites and today I am sharing easy Thanksgiving recipes using seasonal ingredients like sweet potatoes.

* * *

Thanksgiving Mini Pies - Bloggy Moms Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, Vloggers, YouTubers

Every Thanksgiving I want all the pies! There are so many delicious pies to enjoy Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Cherry Pie, Apple Crumb Pie, and don't forget pumpkin cheesecake and all the other desserts that come with Thanksgiving.

* * *

Pumpkin Shaped Bread Rolls - Bloggy Moms Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, Vloggers, YouTubers

I received an e-mail from Better Homes and Garden with a recipe link for these adorable Pumpkin-Shaped Meatball Biscuits. Although they looked so festive and delicious I know I do not need another appetizer this Thanksgiving, we always have too much food.

* * *

Treats that are Changing Halloween! - Bloggy Moms Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, Vloggers, YouTubers

Halloween is in the air! Whether you're a trick or treater or not, October rolls around and you don't have to look far to grab a piece of chocolate. In the bank, the doctor's office, all around you are offerings of candy.

* * *

Apple Pecan Chia Pudding – #SecretRecipeClub
(Dessert for breakfast? No wonder it's a secret!)

Apple Pecan Chia Pudding - #SecretRecipeClub

There are not many puddings that can be breakfast or dessert but this is one of them. Apple Pecan Chia Pudding is flavored with maple syrup and apple cider and topped with cinnamon apples and pecans for the ultimate sweet healthy treat. Wow!

* * *

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