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Friday, August 31, 2018

Foodie Friday : Food Blog Spotlight : Cook, Mix, Mingle

Cook, Mix, Mingle is a blog that explores the cultural diversity of South Florida. But since many posts are about Florida cuisine it could also be sub-categorized under food blogs.

Been actively blogging as one of my primary home business projects for years. Publishing my various blogs is rewarding and enjoyable work, but reading blogs by others is eye-opening and a lot of fun!  Every publisher is so unique in their style and method of presentation.
  • Cook, Mix, Mingle would likely be viewed as a cultural diversity blog.  But I like all the food finds. ☺
The former publisher, Lawrence Jean-Louis, (she sold the blog) is a young lady who currently hails from South #Florida and has Haitian roots. She shares all sorts of information about the area but my favorite posts are the ones about food. For example: In a blog entry dated February 10, 2014, readers were directed to five #YouTube channels on #howto cook #Africanfood. If you ever visited or lived in South Florida (or Haiti), then you know many of the #recipes for the dishes served in restaurants or private homes, for that matter, incorporate the flavors of the African continent. What a fabulous find for #foodies!  Five food channels right at your fingertips!  This post should be featured in a Food Lovers Guide. 

♦ ♦ ♦

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Can You Guess the Healthiest Cuisines in the World?

Dear Blog Readers and Subscribers:

Missed me?  LOL. ☺❤  
I chilled out a bit for the 4th of July holiday but I have been (and still am) kind of busy with my various home biz projects.  Publishing this short post so that my readers know this is blog is still being maintained.

Found an interesting article today at Spices, Inc. that lists the 8 Healthiest Cuisines in the World.

It was no surprise to me that California Cuisine was on the list. I am a little upset that Caribbean cuisine did not make the list. But I understand. ☺ As to why kosher Jewish food isn't Number 1 on the list?  Your guess is as good as mine. 


Before you check the official list at Spices, Inc., write down YOUR LIST of world cuisines that you think should be on this list and then compare to see if you guessed right!

8 Healthiest Cuisines in the World

Learn all about the 8 healthiest cuisines in the world ...

California Cuisine - History, Features and Fun Facts

Each bullet point presented below has been explored in much further detail by fellow freelance writer Om Paramapoonya and presented in an article titled: The term "California cuisine" was first used by food critics and magazine editors. California has diverse agriculture and people.

What Jew Wanna Eat - This Ain't Yo Bubbe's Blog

These Kofta Stuffed Dates from Millennial Kosher are a little sweet, a little salty, and make the perfect appetizer! If you like meat wrapped in more meat, then do I have a treat for you! Boy ...

World Cuisine: Great Recipes from Around the World (and Texas)

A handy reference list. Descriptive list of the different and popular dishes from the Philippines that every Filipino family have enjoyed cooking and serving on their dinner table. A Taste of the Caribbean: Make Jamaican Patties for Supper! This is a great recipe for authentic tasting Jamaican Patties; delicious golden pastry filled with curried beef and spices.

Indian Food - Myth or Fact

Do you like Indian food? I do! Although must admit, had to acquire a taste for it. My first time trying a so-called authentic Indian dish was at one of those American mall-type food courts, where there are all kinds of restaurants for you to choose from.

Food Blog Spotlight: Tofu is the New Black on Tumblr

So glad such a thing as a spotlight was invented. The concept or idea of shining a light on something or someone worthy of being noticed comes in handy when you find a like " fantabulous food blog Tofu is the New Black ".

Vegan and Vegetarian Blogs: The Flaming Vegan

Many celebrities have gone the way of the vegan. to name just two (see "Links of Interest" below). Taking the leap and plunging myself into a vegan diet would be unrealistic. Taking baby steps toward modifying my diet to incorporate vegan food into my meals is a much more reasonable and sensible approach.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sri Lanka Ethnic Cuisine by Melisa Marzett (Guest Post)

Sri Lanka national cuisine is based on plant products:  rice, corn, peas, lentils and other beans.  Also, all sorts of flour made out of pulse crops and vegetables are an integral part of the local cuisine.

Spice shop in Kandy Market, Sri Lanka By McKay Savage [CC BY 2.0],

Rice is the basis of many of the national dishes in Sri Lanka. It is spiced with curry, seasoning and other local ingredients here, with seafood and fruits, coconut flakes and vegetables.  The combinations, at first sight, are unbelievable!

Traditionally, the food is prepared in either handmade crockery-ware or metallic crockery over an open fire. There are a lot of seasoning and sauces in traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, which is why it is practically impossible to define its unique taste. Curry is the most popular seasoning. But there is also, a hot sauce antiaris made of fruits with seasonings, red hot sauce masala, miti kiri dry coconut milk, cut thin mix of onion and salt, dry fish, red pepper and lemon lunumiris, a ginger hand in syrup and other exotic seasonings are common.

The Ceylonese (Sri Lankans in Singapore) consume a huge number of fruits and greens. They make salads out of different fresh vegetables and fruits or just some greens using traditional tomatoes, pepper, onion, bamboo runoffs and a various exotic assortment, including some special tree leaves, banana palm flower, and algae. Meat is not consumed much due to the cows to being considered holy animals. Instead, they eat a lot of and a variety of seafood.

Sri Lanka courses:

  • Roti, which is a rice cake, a daily course in Sri Lanka
  • Appa, which is rice-flour and coconut milk pancakes. They look like typical pancakes but whiter and more transparent.
  • Indi appa, which is rice pasta made of rice flour of course.
  • Pitta, which is boiled steamed rice-coconut mix in bamboo handle.
  • Kiribath, which is pink rice, boiled in coconut milk.

Tea is the main drink in Sri Lanka. But fruit juice and coconut milk are preferred drinks as well. As for the local alcohol, it is better for a traveler not to become familiar with it. Alcoholic beverages are available but there is basically no purification procedure for making the local alcohol so most Europeans or westerners may not appreciate the taste. As for the local Lion beer, it is brewed in accordance with classic recipes. It is not expensive and some who drink it say it's very delicious.

About the author: Melisa Marzett whose current activity is writing for Pure writing company always welcome a new writing challenge. She is passionate about writing, which is why what comes out is interesting to read.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Home Cooking Presented by Hilda's Touch of Spice

Spotlight on another awesome food blog. This one has been save in my bookmarks for forever! It's called “Hilda's Touch of Spice”. The blog is published by Hilda Mascarenhas. Her recipes include a wonderful sampling of European, Asian and American cuisines, and categories are for holidays, by countries, vegetarian versus non-vegetarian, desserts, side dishes, soups and salads, and more! The best way to describe her blog is using her own words:

"Mouth watering recipes & essential cooking advice, helping you to add the right Touch of Spice to make simple home cooking special!"

That's the description from her Facebook page.  In 2013 her page reached 1,000 Likes.  As of today (2016), it has over 5,000 Likes!  Isn't that marvelous?

Since it's the holiday season you're going to love this share. It's her Christmas Special menu, followed by a few more selected blog posts that I like. Enjoy!

Christmas Special Menu - Hilda's Touch Of Spice

(Click here to view all of Hilda's Christmas recipes.)

Christmas Special Menu

This year Christmas is going to be filled with traditional sweets at our home.

* * *

Japanese Cheesecake

Japanese Cheesecake

Popularly known as "Japanese Cotton Cheesecake" due to its cotton texture this beautiful baked cheesecake is delicately soft. Very famous years ago on the net, you will find several recipes to this delicious cake.

* * *

Steamed Momos

Steamed Momos

The weather in Pune is chilly & cold in the nights.

* * *

Carrot Coconut Ladoos / Gajar Nariyal Ladoos

Carrot Coconut Ladoos / Gajar Nariyal Ladoos

Two of my eternal favorites... Carrots and Coconut. Just can't do without them! 🙂 They bind beautifully to form into gorgeous,sweet and yummy ladoos. A perfect ball of melt in the mouth goodness to satiate that sweet craving.

* * *

Chicken Handi (Murg Handi)

Chicken Handi (Murg Handi)

Rustic and full of flavor this delectable Chicken/Murg Handi is so succulent. Like many who love this dish, we are no exception. There are many good restaurants in Pune who prepare this dish really well. Making an almost authentic, traditional Murg handi at home is an experience to be savored.

Other food bloggers highlighted by Food Ways:

Monday, December 5, 2016

How to Cook Italian : Easy Recipes from CiaoFlorentina

Many people love Italian food. Although my husband says he doesn't. Even though he watches and sometimes records the cooking shows of Lidia Bastianich on Create TV. When we subscribed to cable TV, he rarely missed an episode of Giada De Laurentiis on Food Network. (O.o)


I heart most things Italian, with food being at the top of my list. There are so many Italian food bloggers out there. In fact, my third post for this blog shined the spotlight on one of my favorite blogs: JovinaCooks Italian.

Here is another one of my faves: Easy Italian Recipes – CiaoFlorentina.  Cooking advice is provided and many recipes are gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian. A few selected posts appear below to ignite your curiosity to know more and whet your appetite for some tasty Italian cuisine.

Chocolate Covered Oranges with Red Pepper Flakes * Christmas Recipes

Chocolate Covered Oranges with Red Pepper Flakes *

The ultimate Chocolate Covered Oranges: tangerine and orange slices dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with red pepper flakes for a nice kick . It is that time of year ago, when our orange trees are so loaded the branches started breaking. Which means there are oranges and tangerines all over our kitchen.

* * *

Replace potato chips with a healthier alternative. How to Make Brussel Sprout Chips (Crispy) *

How to Make Brussel Sprout Chips (Crispy) *

Crispy and light baked Brussel sprout chips with just a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. Easy to make and loved by all! Who is as excited as me about fall and baking trays upon trays of these Brussel sprout chips ?

* * *

Vegetarian Calzone Recipe *

Vegetarian Calzone Recipe *

Italian vegetarian calzone, pizza pockets stuffed with veggies and cheese and grilled in a cast iron skillet, a vegetarian's dream ! First of all, you absolutely gotta make this vegetarian calzone you guys ! I had them for breakfast and I'm not even ashamed to admit it .

* * *

Do you know your thyme? Thyme Varieties For Cooking *

Thyme Varieties For Cooking *

There are quite a few thyme varieties for cooking out there. Thyme is one of my favorite herbs to cook with and plant in my containers, but in all honesty I stick to 2 maybe 3 varieties in my herb garden.

* * *

Crushed Red Pepper 4 oz - $4.75

from: OliveNation

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